Work/Life Planning Graphic - JohnnyGoldstein

My segmented life

Work/Life Planning Graphic by JohnnyGoldstein People are not profiles If you're like me, life isn't a clean record of attributes and experiences all lined up and indexed for fast access. For me, li… » more

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Measuring User Experience

What is User Experience anyway and what are we measuring? User Experience (or UX) is all of the following as relates to anything a user interacts with: usability emotional reaction expected functiona… » more

Delightfully Easy

Make it easy and customers will come back for more. That's what Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman, and Nicholas Toman found when, in 2010, they introduced the Customer Effort Score (CES) to help explain … » more

Google Search

Type ahead search and why you want it

What is it and why do we want it? Type ahead search is also called incremental search, auto-suggest, real-time suggest and is popularized to the masses by Google with Google Suggest (1) and later wit… » more


GitHub oh GitHub

This used to be a blog post about why I didn't have a very active GitHub profile (I removed that one, it was lame and a waste of everyone's time). Then I started looking at some of the less standard … » more

Ghost blog setup part two

This is a continuation of How to Install Ghost on OpenShift. In this post we will point a custom domain name (e.g. at the blog application through CloudFlare which will provide a n… » more